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Larkhall Community Growers

Larkhall Community Growers is a small social enterprise, with the main aim of making a positive impact on the lives of people living in the Larkhall Community.

It provides a wide range of projects and activities - from the Hareleeshil Community Garden to the Larkhall Community Project - to bring together and empower our community.

Larkhall Community Growers
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Larkhall Community Network

A partnership of third, public and private sector organisations, including local churches. The network was instrumental in supporting our local communities through the Covid pandemic and is engaged in projects that benefit local people. It is an inspiration to work alongside so many people who care so much for others.


Larkhall Christians Together

A joint churches initiative that manages the Lighthouse Community Hub in the town centre, offering space for meetings and events, a signposting service for activities, services etc and the use of toilet facilities for town centre users.


Voluntary Action South Lanarkshire

Working to support the Third Sector in South Lanarkshire, VASLan is the interface between Scottish government, public sector and third sector organisations across South Lanarkshire. Promoting the work of community organisations and having an input to policy and strategy both across the shire and nationally, is a real opportunity to improve life for local people.

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